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        I'm able to print a musical dimnished symbol with the following line of code:


        print("\u{1D1C8}") // output:   


        However, when I assign that literal to a text field's text property, it doesn't show the diminished character in the text field.


                textField.text = "\u{1D1C8}"


        I checked in Xcode->Preferences->Fonts & Colors. There isn't a setting for the font for the debug window, although there are font settings for the editor window.


        How do I find a font that would print the diminished character? I have done a search on the internet, and I have tried a few fonts randomly.


        I found some fonts that have the diminished symbol in it, but the code to initialize the UIFont object with that font returns a nil. The extension of the font file is ttf, like other font files that I've gotten to work.


                let font2 = UIFont(name: "Maestro Wide Regular", size: 12) // = nil


        Anyone have any experience with this?