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        I have an Apple Developer (non enterprise level) account since 2012. It was registered with my company’s DUNs number, etc. and has been in good standing for the past 7 years, although it was never utilized. At the time the account was created, I had applied for the enterprise program, but Apple “downgraded” me to the $99 level after discussing with me how I intended to use the subscription (at that time they indicated my use did not justify approval into the enterprise program but to simply enroll into the $99 level instead.)

        I now need to obtain an “Enterprise” level subscription so I can distribute an in-house application to company equipment using ad-hoc distribution on internal company web servers. To do this, I understand I need the $299/year level subscription, which I am completely fine with paying on top of my $99 subscription.

        My question is: how do I go about obtaining this?

        1. I cannot find anywhere on my existing developer account where I can “add” the enterprise-level subscription to my account (I am not looking to “upgrade”, I understand they are 2 separate subscriptions. If I attempt go through the “enroll” process again, I’m informed that “Your Apple ID is already associated with a Account Holder enrolled in this program” and I cannot proceed any further. Hence it does not appear I can “add” the enterprise subscription to my existing Apple developer account.



        2. Based upon other postings (regarding the Apple ID only being associated with a single developer subscription) it appeared the “solution” was to create another Apple ID and then enroll that Apple ID at the Enterprise level. However, when I attempted to do this, I received an email from the developer program telling me my application has been withdrawn as my company is already affiliated with a developer subscription (yes, the ‘non-enterprise’ one, obviously) and to contact the team agent (me on my other Apple ID which is registered on the non-enterprise subscription) to get access.


        I assume this is due to my DUNS number being associated with the existing account.

        Does anyone have experience remedying this situation? It is incredibly frustrating, there does not appear to be any documentation on what the exact process is to either add, change, or replace the subscription levels. I find it hard to believe other individuals have not encountered this issue in the past — although similar postings about “upgrading” subscription levels, from what I have read, seem to never have a conclusion.

        I suppose one solution would be to incorporate another business, apply for another DUNS number for the new corporation, and apply for the developer program using that new DUNS number... but this seems incredibly silly to have to go through all this nonsense for what should be a very simple resolution at Apple’s end.


        The only other “solution” I can think of would be to attempt to change my company information on the existing account... but I doubt that “un-links” my DUNS number from that account. I suppose I could attempt to change it to a sole proprietorship using my SSN as a tax ID number... but I really want to avoid attempting that since I do not want to screw up my existing account.

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