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        Please note I did open a bug report on this. Are others suffering through terrible performance on Xcode 10.2? I'm on an iMac Pro 10 core. And it's really slow. Not as slow like when they had issues with Xcode 9 ... but slow.


        It's difficult to edit. Even worse if you're compiling or near the end of a compile. Scrolling causes the beach ball to show up. I'd revert back to 10.1 ... but my devices are upgraded to an iOS version that requires Xcode 10.2. I don't feel like downgrading iOS versions just yet.


        Compiles are slow. When compiling on my Macbook Pro (also upgraded), project takes 10-15 minutes to compile. iMac Pro takes several minutes as well. Admittedly it is a large project so it did take some time, but now it is much worse.


        The simulators are sluggish. Any Apple dialog is show to display and difficult to dismiss. I hadn't experienced that since the terrible/unusable versoin of Xcode 9 with sim issues as well as when I was working on a Macbook Pro.