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        I'm building a camera app that captures a photo in the BGRA format, and applies a Core Image filter on it before saving it to the Photos app. On the iPhone 7 Plus, the input photo is in the Display P3 color space, but the output is in the sRGB color space:

        How do I prevent this from happening?

        Here's my code:

        let sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer = ...

        let pixelBuffer = CMSampleBufferGetImageBuffer(sampleBuffer)!

        let metadata = CMCopyDictionaryOfAttachments(nil, self, kCMAttachmentMode_ShouldPropagate)!

        let ciImage = CIImage(cvImageBuffer: pixelBuffer,

                              options:[kCIImageProperties: metadata])




        let context = CIContext()

        let data = context.jpegRepresentation(of: ciImage,

                                              colorSpace: ciImage.colorSpace!,

                                              options: [:])!

        // Save this using PHPhotoLibrary.

        This prints:

        Optional(<CGColorSpace 0x1c40a8a60> (kCGColorSpaceICCBased; kCGColorSpaceModelRGB; Display P3))

        (In my actual code, I apply a filter to the CIImage, which creates another CIImage, which I save. But I can reproduce this problem even with the original CIImage, so I've eliminated the filter.)

        How do I apply a Core Image filter to a P3 image and save it as a P3 image, not sRGB?


        (1) This is on iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11.

        (2) I'm using the wide camera, not tele, dual or front.

        (3) If I ask AVFoundation to give me a JPEG-encoded image rather than BGRA, and save it without involving Core Image, this problem doesn't occur — the color space isn't reduced to sRGB.

        (4) I tried using kCIImageColorSpace, but it made no difference:

        let p3 = CGColorSpace(name: CGColorSpace.displayP3)!
        let ciImage = CIImage( cvImageBuffer: pixelBuffer, options:[kCIImageProperties: metadata, kCIImageColorSpace: p3])

        (5) I tried using kCIContextOutputColorSpace in addition to the above, as an argument when creating the CIContext, but it again made no difference.

        (6) The code that takes a Data and saves it to PHPhotoLibrary is not the problem, since it works in case (2) above.

        let context = CIContext(options: [kCIContextOutputColorSpace: CGColorSpace.p3])

        How do I apply a Core Image filter to a P3 image and save it as a P3 image, not sRGB?