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        Before iOS 12.2 we used the following code to implement our own handling for a UIDropInteraction. However, this functionality is broken on iOS 12.2, we no longer can find a view (or subview) of wkwebview where we can add our own UIDropInteraction.


        UIView *dropInteractionContainingView = nil;
        UIDropInteraction *defaultDropInteractionToRemove = nil;
        for (UIView *subview in self.webview.scrollView.subviews) {
            for (id<UIInteraction> interaction in subview.interactions) {
                if ([interaction isKindOfClass:[UIDropInteraction class]]) {
                    dropInteractionContainingView = subview;
                    defaultDropInteractionToRemove = interaction;
                //on iOS 12.2 these two variables are always nil.
        if (dropInteractionContainingView != nil && defaultDropInteractionToRemove != nil) {
            //Now we replace the existing unwanted uidropinteraction with our own, custom implementation.
            UIDropInteraction *customDropInteraction = [[UIDropInteraction alloc] initWithDelegate:self];
            [dropInteractionContainingView removeInteraction:defaultDropInteractionToRemove];
            [dropInteractionContainingView addInteraction:customDropInteraction];


        Any ideas how to fix this in iOS 12.2?