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        Hi there.

        I was wondering what I should write in the Textbox under the "Air Transportation Assistance" Section.

        Thanks for helping,

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          KMT Level 9 Level 9 (15,785 points)

          As it says "If you have highly extenuating financial circumstances ..."


          Only you know what circumstances apply to you. If you/your family need help with costs and can't afford air travel, just say so. House burned down, flood wiped out the farm, living in a shelter...might not be pleasant to discuss, but if they are behind your request, share them briefly.


          The attached letter* can go into more detail if needed.


          *...and upload a letter (PDF, PNG, or JPG) that confirms your need for additional financial assistance written by a teacher, supervisor, or other person of authority in your community. Make sure that it includes their role and contact information.


          Good luck.