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        This query on how to staple ticket with unix executable after notarization. I am new to MAC OSX environment. Following steps are used to notarize and staple unix executable :-

        1) Enabled hardened runtime to already created unix executable with command :- codesign --force --option runtime --sign "Developer ID Application: Company LLP" <unix executable>

        2) Created the directory codesign_utilities

        2) Added all the codesigned unix executables into it and compressed it to zip file as :- zip -r codesign_utilities.zip codesign_utilities

        3) Run command for notarization:-  xcrun altool --notarize-app --primary-bundle-id "com.def.ghi" --username <developer ID> --password <related password> --file codesign_utilities.zip. I am able to notarize the zip file.

        4) Later, I am trying to staple the ticket with unix executables part of zip file with command:- xcrun stapler staple <unix executable>. But, it is throwing error as

        "Could not remove existing ticket from <unix executable>/Contents/CodeResources ... {Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=20 "Not a directory"}}

        The staple and validate action failed! Error 73.

        I believe the error is occuring because it is just unix executable and not a executable bundle in .app format.


        - Can you help me what are the best ways to staple the ticket with unix executable?

        - Is it mandatory to create executable bundle for notarization and stapling? If yes, please provide the steps?