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        My app will sell full version as IAP, I will create a reminder screen to list the benefits of the full version with a "Buy Now" button on it, so is it compulsory to display the IAP's price in this screen? 

        I checked Apple review guidelines, it seems no mention about that.

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          No, displaying the price is not required except for autorenewable subscriptions.

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            At the least, you should display auto renew subscription pricing. Just keep the below from the IAP Programming Guide in mind:


            "Display prices clearly, using the locale and currency returned by the App Store. Ensure that the price of a product is easy to find and easy to read. Don’t try to convert the price to a different currency in your UI, even if the user’s locale and the price’s locale differ.


            Consider, for example, a user in the United States who prefers the United Kingdom locale for its units and date formatting. Your app displays its UI according to the United Kingdom locale, but it still needs to display product information in the locale specified by the App Store.

            Converting prices to British pounds sterling, in an attempt to match the United Kingdom locale of the rest of the interface, would be incorrect.


            The user has an App Store account in the United States and pays in U.S. dollars, so prices would be provided to your app in U.S. dollars. Likewise, your app would display its prices in U.S. dollars. Listing 2-3 shows how to correctly format a price by using the product’s locale information."



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