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        Is anyone else experiencing distorted audio from Apple Music when playing songs over bluetooth and carplay on iOS 12.2 Beta? I've tried this in multiple vehicles and have been able to isolate the problem to the iPhone. Furthermore, I've tried to play the same songs in the same cars from non-beta iOS Devices and experienced no issues with the audio. Therefore, the issue comes directly from iOS 12.2.


        I did a little more experimenting and purchased a spotify subscription and tried playing the same songs from spotify and also did not experience any sort of distoriton. Thus, the issue is completley isolated to Apple Music on iOS 12.2.


        It seems like the problem is prominent in the mid-range/vocal frequencies. Sounds like the singer/rapper is eating the microphone when that's truly not the case.


        Steps to Reproduce:

        1. Run iOS 12.2 Beta on any iPhone

        2. Play any song from Apple Music (both streamed and downloaded)


        Vehicles Tested:

        2019 Mercedes S560

        2018 BMW 340i

        2013 BMW M5

        2019 BMW X5

        2016 GMC Yukon

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          I have recently had this problem on iOS 12.4. I've further localized it on my device to downloaded music. Streamed music from Apple or Spotify works fine. I suspect it's that my local library has gotten large enough that the phone is having trouble processing it, but I don't know if this makes sense -- just don't know how else to explain it.