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        I don't know if I'm doing things wrong or if there is a bug in iOS 12 SDK.

        Apple added the `RPSystemBroadcastPickerView` class in iOS 12 so we could have a button that opens the system UI for starting a broadcast.

        If I read the description of the `preferredExtension` property, it says I should just set it to the BundleID of the extension and only that will show up in the list.


        This is what I'm doing, and yet often I get an empty list when I tap the button.


        I know the extension is installed and if I go to control center, manually add the record button, then start the broadcast manually from control center using the extension, then it usually starts working after. If I kill the app and tap that button again, the extension will show. But I don't know why I have to do those convoluted steps before!

        Any idea why this is happenning in the 1st place? Am I not setting a key in the plist of the main app (or extension)?