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        My "dev" guys are no longer available, but I have xcode and everything set up on my mac, and Apple emailled me to say my certs are expiring.  I see 2 in my keychain expiring in a few weeks:

        "Developer ID Application: (my name)" and

        "Developer ID Installer: (my name)"


        I attempted to renew, but got lost in the options and fear of breaking stuff!


        Can anyone explain in clearish language which cert(s) I need to buy/renew to keep my iOS and iPad app alive and in the store, plus, what (if anything) I need to do after renewing?  (and, for that matter, is "renew" the correct term?  It looks like I get a whole new cert, not actually renew one, right?)


        Also, we use "push" notifications - I think this is a different cert, right?  What about this one - I'm guessing I get a new cert, then upload it to my server originating the push notices, yes?