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        Hi Guys,


        I have just started learning swift and xcode and i am looking to the best way to inport my level (.obj file) then add a player to it (.obj file).


        I want to then control the player in a single stright line by tapping the screen, doesnt matter where you tap (other than HUD buttons etc) the player moves forward, if you tap once it moves forward  tap again and it goes forward again, tap repeatedly and it moves faster forward, from a start point to an end point. in one direction only.


        I have been trying in SceneKit and in SpriteKit but I cant seem to figure this one out.


        in summary


        1. how do i add my own level?

        2. how do i add my player to it? (think i have this bit fine)

        3. how do i control by tap alone?


        thanks in advance.