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        I created an app with a calendar and it shows correctly on the emulator but when I run it on the phone (iPhone X), it shows up wrong.   The month of March 2019 starts on the correct day on the emulator but NOT on the phone.   I am so confused.


        Here is the emulator photo.



        Here is the phone photo.


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          First up, the iOS Simulator is not an emulator.  If you think of it that way, you will fall into all sorts of logical traps.  For example, an emulator would be capable of hosting NetworkExtension providers, but the simulator can’t because it uses the Mac’s networking stack.

          One other thing that the simulator uses from the host Mac is the current time setting, so this distinction could be relevant to your problem.

          Apropos that problem, it’s hard to offer any advice without knowing how you’re generating your calendar.  iOS has a wealth of calendrical APIs, and using them to render a calendar is tricky, especially if you want to handle all the edge cases.  Can you explain the approach that you took?

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