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        As per documentation in AudioUnit v3 there is a seamless way to synchronize AUParameters between plugin + viewController.

        I would like to synchronize a Midi stream between the plugin and view, however the AUValue (float) value do not allow to pass the midi stream to viewController or observeit.


        I wanted to use the





        functions to try to use AudioUnitProperties to synchronize the midi stream between plugin and view, however AudioUnitSetProperty takes AudioUnit instance, and I am not seeing any way to obtain AudioUnit from AUAudioUnit instance as per version 3.


        OSStatus status = AudioUnitSetProperty(self, AUProperty_Address_userValue, kAudioUnitScope_Global, 0, &data, size);


        Is there a way how to use AudioUnitSetProperty, AudioUnitGetProperty, AudioUnitAddPropertyListener together with AUAudioUnit instace from version 3 API?