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        I have implemented INAddTasksIntent in my app, so that I can say "Add buy peanut butter to MyApp", and it works. Then after that I added CoreSpotlight support.


        After the above two, I noticed that, now searching in spotlight shows me actions that I have done before, for example, if I have added a task via siri called "Buy peanut butter", to my app, then searching by "peanut" in spotlight, will show me the following two:


        1. Buy peanut butter

        2. Add "Buy peanut butter"


        The first one is what I wanted, second one, I have no use, because I rarely readd the same task again via siri.


        I am not sure what this second thing is called, I have tried googling but can't find anything. I want to disable it showing the second thing, is it possible?