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        Has anyone been able to set the color in a converted usdz file? I have object (obj) files that I am converting to usdz. I can get the conversion to work fine but they all come out as white solids. Id like to be able to set the color.


        I am able to modify the usda files using some of the pixar tools. For example I can use the code in this tutorial to edit the obj->usdz files - https://graphics.pixar.com/usd/docs/Inspecting-and-Authoring-Properties.html - and then run the conversion on the usda files to get a usdz. Of course when I do this the view on my Mac has the color but quicklook in IOS12 is still white.


        I have also been trying to use the -color_default options in usdz_convert but it doesnt seem to do anything.