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        Our iOS application was using UIWebView to load a sign in page and password autpfill(There's a bar above the keyboard with two suggested accounts and a "key icon") works fine with that. After we migrate to WKWebView, the "Key icon" still works and passwords will be filled in with no issue after I select any of the stored accounts.  But if I choose any of the two suggested accounts, nothing happens and the password will not be filled in. All my testing was done on iOS 12 device.


        There's no change on our HTML sign in page and it still works with UIWebView. For our use case, I think our iOS native code is basically off the hook and it's iOS dealling with the HTML page for giving the suggestion and filling on passwords. Since there's no change from the sign in page, is this a WKWebView bug, or did we miss anything when initiating the WKWebView?