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        From apple wwdc video "Enabling Your App for CarPlay", it says carplay will support messaging and voip.

        If I need support messaging or voip in my app, I need request entitlement from apple. https://developer.apple.com/contact/carplay/


        But I'm confused for several days.


        Problem A, on messaging carplay:

        Support carplay messaging app, may be we can debug it by using the entilement file create by myself. just add com.apple.developer.carplay-messaging = YES to the project entitlement file. Then my app icon will show in carplay side, if tap my App icon in carplay, siri will auto started, ask me to read message or composite new message. But my app on iphone side not start automatically.


        1. So my question is, in carplay display, when apple's message start, siri auto ask "who do you want to send message". Why my app ask "read message or composite message"? is there any other entitlement item need add or I must request apple's formal entitlement?

        2. Normal carplay app, if tap in carplay side, iphone side will auto start at the same time. But after I set the com.apple.developer.carplay-messaging = YES to the project entitlement file, iphone side will not start at that time, is it caued by myself modified wrong entitlement files?


        Problem B, on voip carplay:

        We know that support messaging carplay, we can set com.apple.developer.carplay-messaging = YES, but if I want support voip, I can't find valid key to set like com.apple.developer.carplay-voip = YES. And when I try to request carplay entitlement from https://developer.apple.com/contact/carplay/ the category doesn't include voip at all. Only have 'audio', 'messaging', 'others', etc.

        3. So what I can request is 'other' category and add some comments, but apple not response to me. So frastrating. Any help ?