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        How to create Shared Object file (*.so) from Objective-C and make it available from C or C++? I need to implement some functionality from Objective-C classes into C++ application? Is there any way to do it?

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          On macOS, what you call a shared object file is call a dynamic library, with a .dylib extension. You can create one using the "-dynamiclib" option to the compiler (if the compiler is driving the link step):

          cc -dynamiclib -o foo.dylib foo.m


          If you're invoking the linker (ld) directly, you can use the "-dylib" option:

          ld -dylib -o foo.dylib foo.o


          However, you don't necessarily need a dynamic library. You can just compile and link an Objective-C source file to your other files:

          cc -o your_program your_c_file.c your_c++_file.cpp your_objective_c_file.m


          Objective-C is an extension of C, so all C code is also Objective-C code with the same semantics.  Likewise, Objective-C++ is an extension of C++.  So, you can make the interface between your C/C++ code be a typical C/C++ interface (functions, variables, C++ classes, etc.) and use Objective-C(++) in the implementation.