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        My app offers a single, premium functionality. You just have to pay once and I register you on my Firebase server, no subscription required.


        In my app the user is able to login with Facebook or Google.

        The user might logout(from the premium acc) and login again but with a different account(not premium anymore) after he purchases, so I need to set the premium item to "consumable" right? Otherwise he wouldn't be able to purchase again after the first time.

        My app got rejected since the life-time premium should be "non-consumable", and Apple support said that I should consider having multiple "non-consumable" products. But what happens if 3, 4 or 5 people logout and login again? How many should I set?

        Please I need help, really.
        Thank you in advance.

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          No, the membership program is durable, not consumable.  The ability to purchase in consumable IAP in quantity greater than 1 indicates consumption not duplication.


          You should be able to allow the same user to log into your account through various portals.   They have purchased the IAP, let them create as many accounts as they want, one for Facebook and one for Google.


          Although inappropriate, you can limit a user to one login username.  You can create multiple non-consumable IAPs each of which allow a single user to log into your account through a single username.  Call the first one "log in 1" and the second one "log in 2".  They are non-consumables.

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              yes, they can log through various portals and create as many accounts as they want. 


              Since what you mentioned is inappriopriate (and also having multiple non-consumable with same functionality makes no sense, since I can't predict how many people will login on a device) what should I do?
              I already paid 100€ for this year (after you accepted my first app version that had same in-app purchases) and time is passing.

              Really I don't understand why can't I just use a consumable and store the premium value on my server. That would solve all problems.

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              Have you find any solution? Have been stucked with the same question.