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        Trying to fix an old IOS APP where UIWebView won't open an URL to another app. The app says "URL can't be shown", which might indicate the URL is wrong, but i am able to open it directly in Safari.

        Hello, I received the responsibility for fixing an app for my company and I do not have much experience with Objective-c, so I hope you can help me. The app have previously worked, but suddenly stopped working in 2016. This is probably because of an updated that happened at this time, which changed some functionality. The app opens a UIWebView and through this access a webservice from where the user can input some information etc. This webservice then calls another app to print a label, but instead just displays a pop up with “URL can’t be shown”.

        When I write this URL directly into Safari, it opens the app and works with no problems. This made me think the problem might be somewhere in UIWebView, but I cannot locate exactly where this might be.

        I do not know what cope snippet or information might be worth including, but if you ask what you need I can provide it.