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        I'm working on a project where the user takes a bunch of photos and then uploads them. After the user takes their photos, each upload happens one at a time. Looking at the x/y memory graph, once the uploads start, I can see a very clear stair-step pattern that never goes down. I initially thought this was the JPEG image data being uploaded but it looks like that is deallocating correctly (unable to find memory address in the memory graph). I was following along with the iOS Memory Deep Dive video and used vmmap --summary on memory graphs taken pre and post stairs. Looking at the graph it seems like the stairs add about 70 MB, but I can't seem to find that difference in the memory graph summaries.


        Any ideas about what could account for the lack of difference?


        Steps: https://imgur.com/VAHdMMg

        Pre stairs summary: https://pastebin.com/pr15KxfY

        Post stairs summary: https://pastebin.com/UfpDKZdS


        Edit: just noticed that the physical footprint is upped by about 70 MB. How do I see what's causing that?