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        We are implementing FPS playback through the Encrypted Media API in JavaScript. It perfectly works on iOS/Safari and macOS/Safari but it fails on iOS/WebView. Below more details:


        - tested with the simulator (iOS 12.1/iPhone XR) and a real device (iOS 12.1.2/iPhone 7+)

        - we target "com.apple.fps.1_0” key-system

        - the media playlists are signalled with the proper HLS #EXT-X-KEY tag

        - we start acquiring the licence-key as soon as the MediaEvent “webkitneedkey” is fired by the HTMLVideoElement


        For some reasons, the “webkitneedkey” is never dispatched on iOS/WebView. After looking at the WebKit source code, there are related WKPreferences but not publicly exposed (LegacyEncryptedMediaAPIEnabled / EncryptedMediaAPIEnabled). I don’t know in which manner it could affect the JavaScript runtime.


        Is it supposed to work ? Is the WebView limited in terms of media capabilities ?