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        Previously discussed in beta:



        This process stops responding every day it seems, I'm running 10.14.3 (18D109)


        When the process hangs, its Open Files and Ports include the following:




        Those are not open when the service is running (before it hangs)


        Would like to know how frequently this hangs for everyone else and get steps to troubleshoot if possible.

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          I read here that XPC services are used by developers if some parts of an application are more prone to crashing than others.




          If the service is opening the unicode / timezone files below before it hangs, maybe the problem is with the ICU (http://site.icu-project.org/home) data?


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            com.apple.hiservices-xpcservice is the name of an XPC service that’s internal to macOS.  If it’s hanging, that’s something that needs ot be investigated by macOS Engineering.  I recommend that you file a bug about that.  Please post your bug number, just for the record.

            When you file your bug report, please do the following:

            1. Reproduce the hang.

            2. Make a note of the time you saw the hang (it doesn’t have to be super-precise, but within 5 seconds or so).

            3. Trigger a sysdiagnose log (per the instructions on our Bug Reporting > Profiles and Logs page).

            4. Attach that log to your bug report, along with the time from step 2.

            You wrote:

            If the service is opening the unicode / timezone files below before it hangs, maybe the problem is with the ICU … data?

            That’s unlikely.  The fact that the process has the timezone file open is no indication of where it hung.  If you want to get a rough idea of where it hung, use Activity Monitor to create a spindump of the process.

            IMPORTANT A spindump is not a substitute for a sysdiagnose log.  Feel free to poke around in the spindump for hints as to what’s failing, but make sure your bug report has a complete sysdiagnose log.

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              my macbook pro 2018  have the  same problem long long time ago

              This problem often occurs one hour after standby.

              I have called the apple service , nothing to  help me

              There's nothing to do but scold Apple.  fking com.apple.hiservices-xpcservice

              usually del the com.apple.LaunchServices-231-v2.csstore maybe can happy some days,

              after some days,  the problem come again, nice to meet you:

              com.apple.hiservices-xpcservice (Not Responding)

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                I have the same problem with my iMac pro.  I check on my older MacBook Pro and the process hangs there sometimes, but it was never a problem.  On the iMac, when it hangs it eventually causes all sorts of problems.  Most exclusively with Fusion 360 and occasionally it causes the Open/Save screen to completely lock up which takes out all the applications and finder.  I haven't been able to pin point what causes it to fail, but the only fix is rebooting and it will lock up within a few hours of me using Fusion every single time.  Hope this gets fixed at some points - it's made be very dissatisfied with my new $5000 computer.



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                  com.apple.hiservices stops responding constantly on my MacBook Pro. It did it on my previous 2016 MBP and now with the brand new 2019 MBP. I suspect it's related to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of apps. I have to shut it down numerous times a day, otherwise it slows down my system.


                  If I never open MS Outlook, the service never hangs. Go figure.