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        I found somes examples for getting iCloud contact list on python and NodeJS, I wonder there is one on C#(winform).


        The examples I found are:

        Python: https://github.com/mindcollapse/iCloud-API/blob/master/iCloud.py

        NodeJS: https://www.snip2code.com/Snippet/65033/Request-Contact-List-From-iCloud


        When parsing these code to C#, I successfuly call authenticated url to get my contact server address, dsid...

        But when I try to call get contact list url, server returns me 421:Client Error, I dont know why that happens ! Does Apple support C# or not ?


        My get contact list url:



        Note: https://p35-contactsws.icloud.com is my contact server, it actually is https://p35-contactsws.icloud.com:443, but base on example I refer to, the port :443 need to be removed.


        Please someone help me.