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        I have a Sticker Pack target added to my app. The Deployment Target for the app is iOS 9.0 and for the Sticker Pack I normally just leave it at default (currently 12.1).


        Now, with Xcode 10 I get a warning when delivering my app via Application Loader. With Xcode 9 this would not be a problem, and no warning was given when delivering.



        Architecture incompatible with MinimumOSVersion. The app bundle at XXX.appex specifies a MinimumOSVersion of 12.1 but contains a 32-bit architecture that is unsupported on iOS 12 or later.


        In an attempt to remove the warning I changed the Sticker Pack's Deployment Target to iOS 9.0 to match the app. But this now gives an error when delivering.



        Invalid Bundle. The bundle XXX.appex does not support the minimum OS Version specified in the Info.plist.


        I don't know what to do to remove the warning. Is it even important?