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        Hi, I have a tabbar controller, this tabbar consist five controllers, one of them (profile) have a rightBarButtonItem with title "edit", this "edit" navigate me (segue with kind 'show (eg. Push)') to controller that I edit my profile in it and in this there are rightBarButtonItem with title "done" I clicked when I complete editing my profile, but issue is when I clicked it I notice the profile controller become have a leftBarButtonItem with title "<edit", that is doesn't exist before I navigate to edit controller. I want to complete editing and click done and this "done" navigate me to profile controller as last controller in stack of controllers , I mean without leftBarButtonItem with title "back".


        1- profile image https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/reservation-828bb.appspot.com/o/MySin%2FSimulator%20Screen%20Shot%20-%20iPhone%207%20Plus%20-%202019-02-10%20at%2010.36.53.png?alt=media&token=452ed423-8fe0-42f7-b611-6b08d247927e


        2- edit complete(change password) and click done https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/reservation-828bb.appspot.com/o/MySin%2FSimulator%20Screen%20Shot%20-%20iPhone%207%20Plus%20-%202019-02-10%20at%2011.30.09.png?alt=media&token=caf439cd-483f-4c01-bedb-d8461755acc2


        3- when done and back to main profile controller https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/reservation-828bb.appspot.com/o/MySin%2FSimulator%20Screen%20Shot%20-%20iPhone%207%20Plus%20-%202019-02-10%20at%2011.34.43.png?alt=media&token=55cfb732-0723-408b-bbd8-7ff64cd22271


        in last url image you will find me write "I dont like this", but I mean "I don't want this".