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        I tried background communication between watch(in background) and iPhone(in foreground) using transferinfo() method but message is reaching to iPhone in 2-10 seconds.

        Is there any way sending message to iPhone(foreground) from watch(background) in every second without delay?


        Watch - ( Apple Watch Series 3 & WatchOS 5.1)
        iPhone - (iPhone 7 & iOS 12.1)

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          Zaid Level 2 Level 2 (70 points)

          The Watch Connectivity frameworks were not designed to exchange real-time information. Even Apple's health-related apps, if in the background, do not send their data to their iPhone couterpart app in real-time. If the app is in the foreground then watchOS will grant your app more resources. You should perhaps redesign to send your data in batches and/or allow the user to act on the data via a complication or a main app, if that's applicable.


          Your single app tests may not be representative of an actual user's device because the user may also be using a network intensive foreground app.


          If you provide details on the type of data you are sending (for example, is the data app-generated or sensor-generated), perhaps we can provide a more detailed suggestion.