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        When trying to upload an osx app, I receive this error:

        ERROR ITMS-90255: "The installer package includes files that are only readable by the root user. This will prevent verification of the application's code signature when your app is run. Ensure that non-root users can read the files in your app."


        I've checked all files in the package and found this not to be true by inspecting each file permissions visually and by using 'find . ! -perm -0444' for files without at least world read access.


        reviewing the log I found this error:

        2019-02-01 12:59:57 MST] <main> DBG-X:   testing host/port: vgr504.apple.com/33001

        [2019-02-01 12:59:58 MST] <main> Error from stderr: ascp: failed to authenticate, exiting.

        [2019-02-01 12:59:58 MST] <main> Process exited with an error: 1 (Exit value: 1)

        [2019-02-01 12:59:58 MST] <main>  INFO: The session's final state is Failed


        I checked and I can telnet to this server (vgr504.apple.com:33001) it's an SSH server.

        So is the real error that the application loader couldn't authenticate with the apple server or does it really think there are root read only files?

        And if there are really root read only files, how can I have the application loader tell me which file it found?