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        Hi all,

        do anybody know what this message:

        [ERROR] - Unable to find display pipe for IOFB service: 18711

        from WindowServer in Mojave 10.14.3 means. Constantly displaying to Logfile.

        Thanks Petr Kral

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (12,305 points)

          Is this log message correlated to something you’re doing in your code?

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              No relation to any activity from my app. I don't see this message after fresh boot, but after some time it appears. Seems to me that in previous versions of macOS the consumption of storage (more 1.5GB) and cpu (about 18%). I see thats intermittent but any clue what IOFB (IOFrameBuffer? I guess) means and code 18711? Thanks Petr

              P.S. Now I see that the problem appers with additional screen running under DISPLAYLINK software. (USB connected screen). In this sense make no sense to investigate futher. Once more thanks Petr