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        I was do that by tag property for collectionview in each tableviewRow, but now when I grouped tableviewRows inside section, I feel confused!!! any help please!

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          You need to think logically about your data hierarchy.


          If I understand well:

          You have a tableView with sections

          In each section you have several rows

          In each row, you have a collection view.


          Is it exact ?


          If so, I would organize data like this (you can find better names, but they should be easy to understand):

          for a row: an array to contain the data for items of cellection view

          typealias ArrayForRow = [ItemOfCollectionView]


          For a section: an array of ArrayForRow

          typealias ArrayForSection = [ArrayForRow]


          And finally, the table: an array of ArrayForSection: that is the dataSource

          typealias ArrayForTable = [ArrayForSection]


          So, your data are

          var dataSource : ArrayForTable


          Take care when you initialize.


          Now, to get the item collItem, in row nRow of section sect, you will call

          dataSource[sect] [nRow] [collItem]


          Hope that helps.