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        In a macOS storyboard I can put a NSSplitViewController that will display links to two child NSViewController.

        Similarly I want to design a custom NSViewController with child view controllers that I can use in storyboard, is it doable ?


        When I look at the Connections Inspector of the split view controller in the storyboard, it shows links to "Triggered Segues" bound to "split items". I wonder how to achieve the same with a custom view controller.


        I checked the header of NSSplitViewController and it just contains a

        @property (copy) NSArray<__kindof NSSplitViewItem *> *splitViewItems;

        So there doesn't look to be any specific attribute so that it appears in "Triggered Segues".


        If I try to manually create segues from my NSViewController to some other NSViewController, I only get the usual segues like "Show", "Custom", "Modal", "Popover", "Sheet". But I'm not actually interested in a segue in the sense of "transition" between scenes. In documentation NSStoryboardSegue is actually described as "A transition or containment relationship between two scenes in a storyboard.". I'm interested in this containment part, but I don't how to achieve it.