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        probably not the vast place to put this question/problem but it might avoid problem to some people



        i save my Xcode project in my document folder on my drive formatted APFS,

        My document are sync to iCloud dDrive and i have a time machine.


        After having some problem with Git lately, (maybe related to the same issue) I was doing a copy of my project folder and renaming by adding date and time and a comment


        a few days ago, I did open my Xcode project on another computer but after using it, I quit Xcode and left the computer open.


        Yesterday evening, I did had a warning saying one of my UIViewController was modified by another app. I did not understand , checked it, and re-saved it. But that was early in the evening, and work for another 8 hours after that


        I worked all night, on my main computer until about 4:30 am. (I can see that Time Machine did a back up a 5:35 AM.)


        This morning I opened Xcode and one of my view controller was in red, doing a right click on it and Show in the finder, it was there in the right folder, I made a copy of it on the desktop but both copy were from 2 days ago.


        then I realize that a few others files had a modified date of 2 days ago.

        New file I created last night are ok, but old one did not had a trace of my new code


        I look into my backup folder and SAME thing, I really don't understand but every folder copy I did during the night, reverted back to 2 days ago (for 1 or two file  controller at least)


        So I enter time machine and restore the back up that was made at 5:35 am, again same problem with both file and back up folder


        But I really dont understand how a copy of a folder I create a 10 hours ago can have a copy of a file from 2 days ago even when I modified the file a few minutes before the copy. Not sure what cause the problem.



        i am moving my project to my Download folder where there is no icloud and probably will create a new project and redo every files one by one.

        i will try to restart my GIt and continu to do my folder backup but will zip it right away.