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        Is there a way to collect "independent events" (as they are referred to in Session 405, Measuring Performance Using Logging) when not contained in an interval? If I'm reading rhe Instruments Inspector correctly, it looks like the os-signpost-interval-schema generated modeler filters these out (only collecting begin and end). Do I have to write a custom modeler to access these or is there an easier way?


        As an example, I've got a log like this, outisde of any begin or end events:


        os_signpost(.event, log: log, name: "Write", "%{public}s, identifier)


        How can I collect that into an instrument?

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          cwoolf Apple Staff Apple Staff (40 points)

          The request has been made to add the "emit" events to the os_signpost instrument (44190979).  In the mean time, you could switch to the Points of Interest category temporarily and use the Points of Interest instrument to see your intervals and points.  That instrument does show both.  A second alternative would be write a quick instrument that just shows the contents of the os-signpost schema but filters the "event-type" column to "Event".

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              Perfect! Thanks for the pointer. I'm finally starting to grasp the documentation a bit and ended up using "slice".


              Something like this seems to work:


                  <title>List: Writes</title>


              It seems like maybe there's a way to filter in create-table using the attribute element but it keeps telling me that event-type is not an attribute of the os-signpost schema (perhaps it's a "column" and not an attribute, not sure I fully grasp the terminology yet). I'll take a look at a custom modeler as shown in your final advanced example to better filter based on the message.


              I think it'd be useful to have some type of model generator (os-signpost-point-schema?) for these events where a pattern could be provided to match them instead of having to dive deeper into the tooling. Happy to file a radar on that if that's something that makes sense.