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        My company has version 1 of our app released and deployed for a couple customers using the B2B distribution, as follows:


        (1) in iTunesConnect ->  app is selected as "Available privately as a custom app for business".
        (2) we have a few customers registered with their DEP ID.
        (3) customers have pushed the app to their end users, via their MDM and/or redemption codes.


        My general question is: What happens for our customers when we (the vendor) release version 2 of our app?


        More specific:
        (1) Even with version 2 released,  can B2B customers stay on version 1 and continue to install version 1 on new devices?

        (2) Or does version 2 effectively kill the life of version 1?


        Context:  some of our customers are required to validated specific versions of software and apps for production use, so if they validate on version 1 they are not allowed to have version 2.  What might be a B2B best practice in this case?


        This is our first time through this process, and hope I'm not way off in left field, so really appreciate any info/thoughts/guidance!