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        First post on the forum so I don't know if it's the right place to do it.
        My company is making an Unity application for tablets. It's not the first app I'm in charge of. I already exported a few of them for local testing and even pushed a few of them to AppStore/TestFlight so I'm pretty sure of what i'm doing.

        The Unity build phase is working great. After setting the right bundle identifier for the project and a iOS Development Provisioning Profile as Debug,  I want to export the project as an ipa to test it on an iPad.
        I archive the project, select the archive in the organizer > Distribute App > Development > next but then comes the problem.

        xCode is fetching for the options of the App Thining dropdown input, something is spinning next to it and then an error message appear:

        Failed to verify bitcode in IetSB.app/IetSB:

        error: Clang option verification failed for bitcode 1463 (argument -emit-obj is required)

        I tried a few things but i'm totally lost.
        I'm using xCode 10.1

        Thank you.

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          I was expierencing a similar issue or at least a similar error:


          Clang option verification failed for bitcode 2113 (argument -emit-obj is required)

          I was able to by pass the issue by setting "Enable Bitcode" in build options to NO, but would like to get to the cause.


          Does any one understand, or know anything about this error?

          Where can I find this error  for  "bitcode 2113"?

          Where does one add the "-emit-obj" argument.