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        We are considering adding auto-renewal subscription in our app. We need to make sure if Apple Subscription model will fill our needs or not.

        Our model is a users licenses model. Which means a customer buys a number of licenses for certain number of users who can access the system.
        For example: a customer pays $X monthly (or annually) for 5 licenses and he can only have 5 users/accounts on the system.

        Our backend currently manages subscriptions that are done from our website. When a new customer (typically the Admin of a business) subscribes to 5 licenses, our backend manages how many users the Admin can add. Backend is also managing allowing these 5 users to be able to login as they are considered as "subscribed".

        How can we use Apple Subscription model to make this work?

        Will the following work? :
        - Create a subscription product for each license package we offer. For example: 2 Licenses Monthly, 2 Licenses Annually, 5 Licenses Monthly, 5 Licenses Annually...etc
        - The Admin will subscribe from the mobile app. Let's say he purchases 5 licenses product.
        - The Admin will invite the other users.
        - When one of the 5 users tries to login, our backend will verify if this user is currently subscribed or not (through his email), and allow/disallow him to login.

        So technically these 5 users didn't sign up from the mobile app, they won't have receipt on their device, but they are allowed to login.

        Can you please advise if this violates Apple Auto Renewal Subscription model T&C somehow? I think it should be fine, because it's up to our backend to decide if we want to login any user or not.