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        i am new to IOS development so please redirect if i amin the wrong place please also advise where might be good for this type of initial help

        i think i may need someone to look at whats going wrong on my app


        I have a tableview (Email Style) which works fine in portrait mode

        however if i rotate to landscape now clicking on the cells instead of expanding on the left ie:

             + Date 01/01/2019          2

             + Date 02/01/2019          5


        then when you click to expand (below is what it does in portrait mode correctly)


             - Date 01/01/2019

                  John Smith - the Way Home

                  Peter Blogg - All Home now

             + Date 02/01/2019


        It will the revert to previous Screen (ie in my case the initial logging screen)


        I think it has something to do with trapping the click/Touch event in landscape but i am lost


        Please can some one help

        or is there a service that people can help someone like me struggling with IOS. Swift

        Thanks in Advance

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          Please clarify.


          What do you see exactly in Portrait ?

          Do you see the same in Landscape ?

          Is it

               + Date 02/01/2019          5


          If so, what is the 5 at the end ?


          When you expand in Portrait,  do you get this ?

               - Date 01/01/2019

                    John Smith - the Way Home

                    Peter Blogg - All Home now


          What do you get in landscape ?


          Please show the code