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        Hello. I am creating an iOS app for my music I have written. I would like to add a feature like Shazam's where my users can see which song of mine is playing. Not playing on the device, but playing in a room via a speaker or something like that. Just like Shazam, only just for my music. I would like to do this all locally, in my app. I've been doing a LOT of research on how to accomplish this for days, now, but to no avail. Basically what I need to happen is, a user records a clip of the song that is playing (like 5-10 seconds, whatever is needed) and that clip will run through all of my song (which is stored locally on the app) and bring up the correct song. I've learned some about audio fingerprinting and such, but I don't exactly understand it. Could someone please help me? Whether it's just leading me to a tutorial (I have yet to find one for Swift and Xcode), or helping me yourself, ANYTHING is appreciated. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!