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        When attempting to log-in to Apple ID on Apple TV (Generation 3, running 7.2 software update), to view purchased movies, the prompt for submitting the six digit code for two-step verification does not pop-up.


        Attempted Log-In Process:

        iTunes Store Sign-In Screen (Apple Movies app)

            -Apple ID email submitted

            -Apple ID password submitted

            -Two-Step Verification Code notification sent to trusted device

            - (No verification code input pop-up displayed)

            -(Apple TV Screen) "Could Not Sign-In - A verification code is required in addition to your password. A notification with instructions for signing in has been sent to your other devices."

            -OK selected

            -(No verification code input pop-up displayed)

            -Returned to Main Menu

            -Reselected Apple Movies App

            -Apple ID email submitted

            -"Unable to Sign-In - Apple TV can't connect to the server at this time. Please try later.


        Attempted to remove Two-Step Verification, but due to iOS 9 Beta, sign-in redirected to Apple ID beta webpage. "Turn off" two-step verification is not a selectable option. Macbook and iMac both running El Capitan OS X 11 Beta. Same Apple ID Beta webpage redirect, of course.


        The following has been preformed:

        -Apple TV has been restarted

        -Apple TV has been hard reset

        -Mirroring and Airplay are functioning properly (personal note: would like to watch purchased films without the use of a secondary device)


        Can't locate TV Beta, (unsure if Apple ID two-step verification isnt available for update 7.1-7.2.)


        If anyone has suggestions, workaround, or has resolved the issue your feedback would be appreciated.

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          Apple TV Generation 3 does not support two-factor authentication. You need 4th gen, with tvOS support.

          I found out the hard way, after a half an hour with Apple Support.

          See here for details:


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            Just found it out today:


            Put the security code directly behind your password at the login!

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              Has anyone managed to resolve this yet?  I have an Apple TV Gen 3 that I can't access iTunes with.

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                  It worked just fine for me. I also have the older Apple TV (Gen 2 I think, but might be Gen 3). I logged out of iCloud and iTunes, and then logged into iTunes with my normal username and password. Then, it said I needed to enter the two factor code (if you look closely, it tells you on both the apple tv login failed screen as well as on your iPhone, iPad or desktop that you enter it by adding the code to the end of your password field). I think what kept tripping me up is that you have to do it once and let it fail, and that causes the two factor code to "ask permission" on one of your other devices, then just go back in and login again (second time), only this time, add the code right to the end of the password on your apple TV.


                  Worked for me; hope this helps!



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                  You need to use another device to generate the 6 digit Verification Code. Then with this numeric code, add it to the end of your password when logging in to your older model AppleTV.


                  using iPhone: Settings, iCloud, click on your ID, Password & Security, Get Verification Code.

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                    I ran into this same problem on my AppleTV today because I enabled two-step verification on my iPad.


                    I followed the information supplied here to login to my icloud security settings from my computer:



                    After going to the security tab from the account details on system preferences's icloud page, I attempted to login to AppleTV with my usual password and AppleID. I did not need to add a verification code to my password.


                    A window popped up saying that an attempt to access my account was made near my city/state. I said that was ok and got a 6-digit verification code that I inputed on the verification code screen on AppleTV that comes after asking for my username and password.


                    This solved my problems. Hoped that I helped (first time poster here).


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                      Apple TV2 verification code screen loops back to log in screen when you want to watch purchased content.  IOS 9 is not picking up authentication from Apple TV.  Content Authorizes through devices airplay function.

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                        You know when you do something that sounds great but has unintended consequences? Yeah, I updated my phone, selected 2-step authentication across all my devices and unwittingly shut us out of our purchased AppleTV content. An hour later I received a call from my spouse notifying me that the movies we'd purchased on the AppleTV Gen2/3 could no longer be accessed. I found this post and was a little confused on the steps. I went through it a few times and made it work. First, the 2 step authentication was popping up when trying to access the movies and the above steps did not work. I went to the Settings and disconnected the iCloud. When I reconnected I had to follow the steps of authentication twice before I was successful. I wrote down the 6 digit authentication and added it to the end of my password (no spaces added) each time. It worked for me on the second try. Second, I went back to the purchased movies only to see that the authentication was being required again. I had to go through the steps of failing, writing down the 6 digit code, then starting over again, adding the code to the end of my login password a couple of different times before I achieved success. Now, all my movie purchases have been restored. I hope Apple comes up with a better fix for the older gen AppleTV. This was a bit much, but thanks to this thread I was able to make things work again. I hope this added description makes it easier for someone else to fix. Best wishes.

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                          Good evening,I have had similar problems as those just mentioned in this last post, and most of the others. Full failure on my side on any of the options.

                          would be grateful if additional assistance could be provided.

                          thank you.


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                              Yeah, I got caught up in the do-loop of submitting an apple id & pw to get the verification code to enter into the pw block ... frustrating.  Here's how I got it to work.  Before trying to login into your apple tv use another device (I used my iphone) to get the code.  Go to Settings/icloud/<select account name>/password & security/Get Verification Code.  You will get it instantaneously.  Use that code to log into your gen 3 apple tv by appending it to your password, no spaces, just like undefeatable1 says above.  Worked like a champ for me.