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      greenblue Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

        Complete rookie question here as I just started to learn how to use Xcode and signing into the plateform, I get a "build failed" message, what could be the problem ? Thanks !

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          Claude31 Level 8 Level 8 (9,205 points)

          Many possible causes.


          Look at the left panel, select the "Show issue navigator" with Danger icon.

          Scroll through the text displayed and look for red signs: they the errors.


          If needed, post those errors here.


          Common errors:

          - a var is unknown, because you did not declare it or it is not in the right scope

          - parenthesis or curly braces are not balanced, so compiler get lost

          - you override a func illegally

          - errors related to build itself: usually, doing a Project Clean Folder  in Product menu solves a lot

          - and many others

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            pianosmooth Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

            That is a not a rookie question!  That is a question which will continue throughout your career.


            (also check that you arent using the Dixie plateform it is very unstable -- almost like paper)


            Best of luck!

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              KMT Level 9 Level 9 (15,795 points)

              Not enough info from you to help, specifically.


              Suggest you see: For Best Results - Read the Label