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        What is deemed today as best practice for NSManagedObjectContext injection, namely for programmatic controllers?


        This past WWDC's Core Data Best Practices talk showed off a brief example where the main-thread context was passed into the view controller as a constructor parameter.  However, my view controller is also going to perform a network fetch & upsert of the recieved payload into the Core Data store, so I'm going to need a background context.  Do I:


        1.  Inject both a main thread context and a background thread context into the view controller?

        2.  Inject just the main thread context and have the VC create a background context that's a child of it?

        3.  Assume the main thread context has automaticallyMergesChangesFromParent enabled and have the VC create a background context that refers directly to the main thread context's store coordinator?

        4.  Inject the NSPersistentContainer?