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        I have distributed my App by Custom B2B due to Apple asked me to do (My app is not able to be distributed it from App Store).

        All done, I generated redeem codes to my users who wanted the application in their devices. The problem comes when I updated my application. No one of my users who redeemed my  app has recieved the update. And the time has passed with no results about the update. I have put in contact with Apple support but it seems they just are ignoring me. When I send them an email they take over 1 day to reply me and their responses are something like "Our engeeniers are working on it,  we will notify you when we fix the problem". I have also mantained a called with their but is also the same stupid proccess, I tell them my problem and they say the same.

        Do it happen to you? If you have fixed it or have some clue about what is happening would be awesome.