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        I just got off the phone with DTS and was told that Xcode is a third party product with limited support from Apple.

        When did this happen?


        I'm having an issue submitting an app update for a client because XCode says "No accounts with App Store Connect accesshave been found for the team {client}.


        This is in spite of the fact when I log in to iTunesConnect, it sends me to their account by default. And I have full access.


        Any ideas, suggestions?



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          I can't imagine that someone with Apple would tell anyone that Xcode is from a 3rd party. From it's 'get info' via the Finder "Copyright © 1999–2018 Apple Inc. All rights reserved."


          DTS only does code level support, not dev account support...however... I think that you don't just call DTS up - the process usually starts with burning a support ticket via Accounts/Member Center online, then waiting for a response, typically via email. Not sure whom you talked to.


          Instead, you should have tried using the 'contact us' tree linked below or via ASC Help (App Store Connect...it hasn't been iTunes Connect for a while now). Problem then is that if they can't give you a quick answer, they'll most likely dump you back here in the forums.


          In your case, I'd want to know if you're the only one on the account in question, and how many accounts you're on.