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        I am trying a feasibility study to make 3D vision.


        1) The definition of Coordinate XYZ on video frame(Right-handed coordinate? Where is Origin? Where is the direction of X-axis for? Where is the direction of Y-axis for? Where is the direction of Z-axis for? Abusolute coordinates or relative coordinates?)



        2) Where are the defined point of Left Eye and Right Eye?(Ex.the center of eyebrows, the center of pupil)

        and the variable names?(leftEyebrow?,rightEyebrow?,leftEye?,rightEye?)



        3 )Where is the defined point of nose?(Ex.nose crest) and variable name?(noseCrest? nose?)



        4) What is the aim of Rectangle? Why does Rectangle need?



        5) Please show me the concrete flow-chart of ViewController.swift for the purpose of realizing and tweaking this to add more 3D functions.