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        Hi. For the past few days, I have been trying to create an SKShapeNode (a rectangle) that will be used as a menu screen moving down from the outside of the screen when a button is tapped. Everything behind the node should be blurred.


        Something to this effect: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49142867/spritekit-blurred-background-sknode


        Alternatively, I may have everything in the background blurred with the exception of the SKShapeNode and its children.


        Using this:


        let  blur = CIFilter(name:"CIGaussianBlur",withInputParameters: ["inputRadius": 10.0])
        self.filter = blur
        self.shouldRasterize = true
        self.shouldEnableEffects = true


        where self is the scene, blurs the background and the SKShapeNode. Besides, it is an awful hit on FPS.


        I tried the following:


        let blurEffect = UIBlurEffect(style: UIBlurEffectStyle.light)
        let blurEffectView = UIVisualEffectView(effect: blurEffect)
        blurEffectView.frame = self.view!.bounds
        blurEffectView.autoresizingMask = [.flexibleWidth, .flexibleHeight]


        This is very fast, but again this blurs everything including the SKShapeNode, which is not intended.


        Is there anyone who did something like that?


        Thanks a lot!