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        I am using xcode 9.2 and am a beginner in this. I support creation on the iOS app from an already existng SDK application provided by SAP. This means I just import the project code provided by SAP and then brand it as per our requirements, generated the ipa file and upload it to user devices.


        Recently while testing an application I created, iTunes ask me to do an update which I did and it was upgraded to v12.8. After this update all my applications which were previously working are throwing 'Couldnt load provisioning profile from data' error when I select 'Automatically manage signing'.


        These are some of the things I tried to get rid of this error:

        1. Reverted back to iTunes 12.6

        2. Deleted all provisioning profiles from folder /Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles.

        3. Added my account back into xcode and tried to re download the provisioning profile. This seems to download the profiles but throws an error:

        "Xcode has encountered an error while download profile for team XXXX for account YYYYY"

        4. Tried manually creating a provisioning profile on the developer website and them manually importing in xcode. This throws error:

        'Provisioning profile 'Test'  doenst match teh netitlements file's value for the get-task-allow entitlement"'


        I am not sure how to proceed any longer. I do not want to upgrade to xcode 10 as some apps are already live with xcode 9.2 and I will need to support them.  Can anyone suggest something?