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        Actually i m testing my app in australia with a budget $100 not daily cap ... but the problem is that my keywords have low impressions -20 daily.


        I have tested put high bids $5-$7 daily but when i do that 2 things happend :

        • I get a average TTP of $1.5
        • my impressions are the same ... some days i have more impressions and somedays less


        Is my keyword relevant ? actually my rank for a keyword is top 30 and appear in the title = YES



        My other question is about search popularity... i m using a tool that change the graphic to a number


        A keyword like facebook have a popularity of : 96

        A keyword like sdfsfd have a popularity of  :5


        I m using keywords with a popularity around 40 or more so i think that exist volume here.....


        Is this search popularity "showing the exact volume of this keyword" or the volume of this keyword in "Broad match" ?