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        Our product shows a product in AR using ARKit and gives the ability to the user to move the 3D object in the space.


        In iOS11/xCode9 we always had good performance and responsiveness. Ever since we upgraded to iOS12/xCode10 we noticed that placing the initial object in AR it shows a jerky, slow movement of the 3d model. When we go back in a previous (non-AR) screen and then reenter the AR screen then the performance/responsiveness is good.


        Is there are a reason why in ARKit2.0 the initial AR view all the objects show bad performance/responsiveness . Do we need to do something else in our code stack or is this a ARKit 2.0 bug?


        See links for videos:

        Video : https://youtu.be/ePX17Q07bv4





        1. App fully restarted
        2. User  goes in home (non-ar) view
        3. User goes in AR view => bad performance with some 3D objects
        4. User goes back in home (non-ar) view
        5. User goes in AR view => good performance with all 3D objects