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        Situation: i am developing an app, which manages HomeKit accessories. For example i do that:



        1. Accessory is power on, and i see it via app. Also in foreground mode HMAccessoryDelegate method:

        func accessoryDidUpdateReachability(HMAccessory)

        works fine and i can handle status of my accessory.



        2. I switch app to background mode.



        3. I turn off accessory (i mean completely power off) so it must be unreachable.



        4. I switch app to foreground mode, but accessory is still reachable.

        method func accessoryDidUpdateReachability(HMAccessory) — not called.

        value accessory.isReachable not updated.



        Example of code when i go to foreground:

            func applicationDidBecomeActive(_ application: UIApplication) {
                if let home = HomeStore.sharedStore.home {
                    for accessory in home.accessories {
                        print(accessory.isReachable) //not updated
                        for service in accessory.services {
                            for characteristic in service.characteristics {
                                characteristic.readValue { (error) in //updated
                                    if error == nil {
                                        let notification = Notification(name: Notification.Name(rawValue: "UpdatedCharacteristic"))

        Question: how to update isReachable values of accessories, when i come back from background mode to foreground?